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We are Greenville"s oldest LOCAL provider of voice, internet and technical servivces.  We are local so we are available to meet you in person and discuss YOUR specific needs.

We serve business ranging from single person companies to large Fortune 50 organizations.  We are also able to deliver internet to residential locations where the big companies have not been willing to serve due to cost.

We are an authorized reseller for Spectrum. IF we handle those services for you, we are your active advocate working with Spectrum to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

If your Internet and voice services are CRITICAL to your business - you should call us for diverse (backup) networks using our high performance commercial fixed wireless service. This service is more cost effective than you might expect, and provides peace of mind for unforseen outages.

We are a small local business so our emphasis is on value, not on price.  Obviously we have local employees to pay, insurance to purchase, and we have to buy parts, put gas in the trucks etc.!

Having said that, our pricing for our services is very competitive.  We generally set our prices based on the cost required to deliver the services to our customer, as opposed to some arbitrary targeted price.

When we meet with a customer, we will ensure we understand their requirements.  We then build a quotation for service for the customer that encompasses what they need, not what the vendor wants to sell!

We provide voice services including traditional voice, as well as traditional voice services.

We can connect you to our networks, and we can also combine our capabilities with those of other providers.

Our data services include our network capabilities, our high performance commercial fixed wireless services, and the ability to mix and match services from other providers.

GlobalVision has two colocation centers to provide safe, cost effective, locations to provide customers with redundant capabilities for data backup, web hosting and application hosting.

In selected areas around the Upstate, current large company providers have made economic decisions relating to where they provide service.  While these decisions make financial sense for the providers, they certainly represent frustrations for residential users who would like services.

First, and most simply, we are authorized distributors for DirecTV.  However most customers have made their TV decision, and really want internet services.

GlobalVision is often able to provide internet access to these locations using its high performance fixed wireless network.  We don"t guarantee service to every location; many factors may impact our ability to provide service including topography, foilage, and the existence of other structures.

But GlobalVision is local and flexible!  We make a point to perform in person site surveys - we meet with homeowners associations and we work to try to provide solutions!


We are equipped, trained and experienced, allowing us to perform a variety of residential and commercial installation work.

We have pulled miles of ethernet cable in large commercial buildings throughout the upstate - we installed fiber optic cables in businesses and churches - we have installed basic internet connectivity in homes and apartments. 

Interestingly enough, vendors often publish numbers suggesting to users that "more is better."

As a local company, we are able to sit with customers and determine their exact requirements.  There are many situations where customers are subscribed to services which are far in excess of their actual requirements.

In other cases, customers mistakenly believe they are receiving certain levels of service from their vendor - analysis shows they are NOT getting what they were paying for.

The short answer is - we can go as fast as a customer requires but we only want to provide what the customer truly needs!

Other questions?

I have more questions.  what can i do?

We are planning a forum site (see the button below?) but we want it to be useful to our customers.  We hate clicking on forum support buttons and out of the vast numbers of questions, we find nothing relevant to our requirements.  So, we want our forum experience to be different, and useful for our suers.

However the fastest way to get our attention is to call us or email us.  We"ll tell you how in the paragraph below, or you can click on the CONTACT page!

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I Have A Questions, How Do I Get In Touch?

First of all we recommend you check the Contact Us page on this internet site or call us at 864-467-1333.  Yes, we have prompts but our prompts are very easy - we give you four choices.  You can select from Sales, Support, Billing or dial by name!

You can also email us at the following email addresses:

We will be extending our billing system to a customer facing portal within the second quarter of 2017 - that will also allow for an additional avenue for our customers to use to contact us, or to enter a ticket for support.

Multiple people receive your emails, so we are confident our response time to inquiries will be responsive.

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