key issue:  security


GlobalVision is increasing its focus on supporting its customers requirements in a world which is increasing in complexity. A critical topic for all business managers is security - in the network and on the premises.

Premises. GlobalVision does not directly provide alarm or traditional building or location security services. However we have significant experience and expertise in helping our customers develop and deploy cost effective camera and video surveilance solutions. The ability to configure, install, monitor and manage these systems in a budget conscious manner makes GlobalVision a clear choice as a partner. Further we have close relationships with trusted vendor partners who provide traditional alarm services - we are able to integrate their capabilities into the work for perform for our clients.

Network and Data. GlobalVision is partnering with Mercury Z, a national provider of managed support and security solutions for complex network customers across the United States. Such partnerships allow GlobalVision to provide national reach, depth and exposure for critical technologies to its customers.

Hacks, malware, viruses and other security breaches cost time AND money, as well as diverting management attention away from its customers and its business. The best time to deal with those issues is before they become critical. Even more important, emerging security threats, such as those listed below, are unfamiliar to most business owners.

GlobalVision is introducing resources and capabilities which help our customers better understand current threats - including those which are RELEVANT to their operations. Please check back often, or review your emails to ensure you have updated information from GlobalVision about webinars, seminars and other opportunities to interact with our security experts.

  • The top 10 technologies for 2017-2018 per national research firm Gartner Group, for information security are:

    Cloud Access Security Brokers

    Endpoint Detection and Response

    Nonsignature Approaches for Endpoint Prevention

    User and Entity Behavioral Analytics

    Microsegmentation and Flow Visibility

    Security Testing for DevOps (DevSecOps)

    Intelligence-Driven Security Operations Center Orchestration Solutions

    Remote Browser


    Pervasive Trust Services