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Just like our children take Lego blocks and turn them into spaceships, fortresses and police stations; so we at
GlobalVision take our service offers and, with our experience and resources and our customers, turn services into solutions.
This is what defines us as a customer-centered company.

We understand your business

Finally a local company that has experience in working with local companies. Our clients range from Fortune 50 companies all the way through small businesses. We give each of our clients the same level of service and support. Because we have worked in so many industries, with so many different companies, you are able to leverage our expertise.

Find the best solution

GlobalVision offers limitless customization options for our clients. Whether your business is medical, manufacturing, business to business, food and hospitality, professional services, or another type of business, the odds are high that we have worked in that industry. Put our expertise to work for you.


With all of our minds, creativity, experience and passion. But, we start the process by listening to you. We want to understand your needs and your requirements.


We take information from our conversations with you - we ensure we understand what you want to do & why you want to do it- then we build solutions that work for you.

Professional Process
from Idea to Solutions.


We helped a major medical education facility enhance their data capabilities by constructing a private, purpose built wireless network on their campus.  The project was brought in on time and under budget and performance metrics exceed client requirements.



GlobalVision designed and built factory floor communications infrastructure for a supplier to a major automobile manufacturer.  GlobalVision provided advanced fixed broadband while the facility was under construction in addition to the deployment of the internal fiber, copper and wireless infrastructure.



Working with a local professional services firm providing tax and accounting service, GlobalVision was able to implement a voice and data solution which provided significant cost savings. In addition, this client could easily add voice capabilities during busy periods, and reduce those same capabilities during slower periods resulting in greater efficiency and improved utilization.



In February 2016, GlobalVision was selected as the data backbone provider for Google during the Republican National Debate at the Peace Center. GlobalVision engineered a custom symetric high performance wireless broadband solution that enabled Google to keep the data flowing during the debate.



In Raleigh, NC, Globalvision enabled a church to maintain its existing telephone equipment, while providing more cost effective services than the incumbant provider. GlobalVision also engineered redundant data solutions, and helped in the transition to more electronic services. The result? More money for mission trips and charitable giving!



Several small subdivisions were not deemed "important" enough by the large carriers for internet. However, GlobalVision worked with homeowners and their HOA"s to develop specific broadband solutions which allowed these subdivisions internet access on a par with other neighborhoods (though at less cost and with more personalized service!)


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